Jacqueline Scalf

Jacqueline Scalf

  • March 6th, 2014
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360 Impressions’ President and Your Growth Partner


Jacqueline Scalf has a passion for the true art of the sales process in the automotive industry. 360 Impressions was developed as a one-stop shop to help auto dealerships further their business goals by focusing on strategic marketing analysis. Servicing accounts across the nation, she possesses the business acumen to reach the everyday automotive consumer at all levels, whether vehicle purchases, auto service or maintenance. She has exhibited her expertise in the automotive industry with supported ROI results that stand ahead of the competition.

Jacqueline began her career in marketing early on as a product specialist using face-to-face communication for product promotion at auto shows across the nation. She honed her sales craft through direct sales to independent auto dealers, greeting and presenting at national conventions while constantly seeking other learning opportunities. After earning her communication degree from Tarleton State University, Jacqueline continued to grow her sales abilities through courses at Dale Carnegie Institute.

Her broad travel opportunities have allowed her to envision a greater scope in knowledgeable and creative campaigns as well as developing professional relationships with clients from varied backgrounds.