• November 6th, 2014
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After successfully launching the AMX/2 prototype at the 1969 Chicago Autoshow, the American Motor Company (AMC) with the help of Italian master designer Giotto Bizzarrini, set out to engineer America’s next big supercar.

After having to tweak the five speed gearbox to a custom built four speed box because of too much torque, the “AMX/3” was ready to be unveiled in Rome in March of 1970 to a select group. The AMX/3 was welcomed with a warm reception by the press, so AMC decided to immediately order the construction of 24 more prototypes for testing purposes. Unfortunately, the hope of seeing their new supercar hit American highways became crushed when AMC experienced financial setbacks and were forced to abandon the project.

A total of five pre-production prototypes were constructed; along with the the first prototype. It was a rare attempt by Bizzarrini to create America’s next supercar, and will forever be remembered as another example of his unique skills in design and engineering.