BBQ Leads to Some Happy Clients

BBQ Leads to Some Happy Clients

  • January 30th, 2014
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We had a client originally from Austin, TX who bought stores out of state and moved his team with him. When the guys asked us to fly out for a meeting, we asked if there was anything they missed from TX. They said Rudy’s BBQ!

So we rushed to Rudy’s BBQ at 9:30 pm, buying 7 pounds of brisket and loaded it in a cooler bag.  Then it was soon lugged through two airports and some interesting security checks. When we arrived for our meeting, our clients ripped right into it.

We believe in GO BIG or GO HOME, so we brought enough for lunch meeting AND individually wrapped packages of meat and bottles of infamous BBQ sauce for the 4 clients to take home and freeze.

Yes it required lugging a seven pound brisket through the airport in heels. No big deal! It was worth it to see how happy those guys were when they ate it!  They were like kids at Christmas!