Brand Ambassadors + Strategic Marketing = SUCCESS!!

Brand Ambassadors + Strategic Marketing = SUCCESS!!

Brand Ambassadors from left to right: Rosie, Brenna and Jenna.

We were very proud to have organized marketing efforts for our client’s 2018 Ride & Drive Event. Our client gave us the reins and we made it happen! We provided brand ambassadors, product specialists, custom apparel, branding displays, product literature, lead generation campaigns, and we even did a speech about our client’s store and the New EcoDiesel RAM Truck. What would it mean to your store if there were brand ambassadors representing you, visiting with prospective buyers, educating them about your product, and building a relationship over a 3 day period? Jacqueline has over 18 years of experience representing clients nationwide at various events like these, so give us a call at 972-814-7257 and we’d be happy to give you a free consultation!






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