Now here’s something to add to your Christmas Wish List! This sophisticated 8,000 sq. ft. home is 3 stories and the lower level contains a luxurious man cave that is accessed through the showroom garage which houses an immaculate Mustang collection. Source: tdswansburg.com | Photography by Alec Watson Save Save

10 cars that will be discontinued after 2015

10 cars that will be discontinued after 2015

With the constant updates in technology and consumer trends, the automotive world has to constantly evolve in order to keep up. Because of this constant change, we begin to see different models come and go over the years. To help keep up with who’s getting the axe, here’s a list…

Americans are getting bigger, and so are the crash-test dummies!

The CDC calculates that about 35% of the adult male population is obese, and that’s something Humanetics is taking into consideration when making their crash-test dummies. Humanetics, the largest U.S. maker of instrumented crash dummies, has just developed a new 6’2″ dummy that weighs 273 pounds to reflect America’s growing…

Check out James Bond’s new set of wheels!

It’s no secret that James Bond and Aston Martin go hand-in-hand, so it was no surprise when director Sam Mendes announced that Bond’s new ride will be the Aston Martin DB10. Aston Martin has always played a huge role in the James Bond movies, dating all the way back to…

Let Us Give Thanks

In appreciation for the orders that were placed in November, 360 Impressions has made a donation to those in need this Holiday Season. Through this donation, our clients will help feed over 2,100 people this Thanksgiving. A huge thank you to all of those that have helped make this Holiday…

NAWBO Team Building Exercise

NAWBO, the National Association of Women Business Owners, held a full day conference yesterday with high school girls who aspire to own their own business in the near future. 360 Impressions is proud to help these young women achieve success through mentoring and positive encouragement.

TBT: The 1980 Mercury Antser

In the late 1980s, Mercury gave us a glimpse into the future with their Antser concept car. The aerodynamic prototype featured an impressive 1,200-pound electric hybrid powertrain with batteries powering electric motors in all four wheels, along with a backup generator to extend the vehicle’s range. With it’s lightweight construction…

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